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Permalink This week our partners at University Colorado, Denver’s Center of Preservation Research documented Independence Rock in Wyoming. It is part of the Oregon, California, and Mormon emigrant trails West and is covered in graffiti of names and dates from travelers passing by the trail landmark. It will be the second site of the OR/CA/Mormon Trails to be digitally preserved by CyArk and our partners; the first was Fort Laramie, WY. The digital preservation project is in partnership with the US National Park Service.
Permalink Happy #fiedlworkfriday ! Recently documentation took place of the second mission of our broader El Camino Real digital preservation effort. CyArk’s Alex Reinhold laser scans the interior of Carmel Mission Basilica, CA. You can read more about scanning for El Camino Real and Mission Dolores in San Francisco, CA here:
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An ancient unknown language engraved on a clay tablet was unearthed by archaeologists working in Turkey.
The tablet, dating back more than 2500 years, is believed to be from the ancient Assyrian city of Tushan.
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3D Point Cloud of Mission San Juan Capistrano
In our 3D viewer, you can cut, zoom and measure detailed models. Click through to learn more about Mission San Juan Capistrano along with the other missions in the San Antonio Missions Complex.
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Permalink Hopi Petroglyph Sites: Tutuveni and Dawa Park
Boulder 35 was once the top half of a larger rock with boulder 34.  Only  the top face preserves its dark patina and old petroglyphs, which  include a rare row of Red Ant Clan symbols – a clan that is now extinct  among Hopi villages.

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